HARU*E Vitamin Shower Filter – Aroma Therapy, Chlorine Removal, Skin Nourishment and Moisturization | Made in Korea (Lovely Freesia)

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HARU*E Vitamin Shower Filters are infused with vitamins, nutrients, and a soft aromatic scent to cleanse the body and mind.

✅ Aromatherapy

👉 Signature blends of aromatherapy designed to create the most relaxing showers ever. The aroma added to the filter is unique to HARU*E and has been studied for maximum relaxation.

✅ Trehalose

👉 Trehalose (plant sugar) from Cactus protects the cell membranes and skin’s moisture from drying out.

 Vitamin C

👉 Vitamin C neutralizes residual chlorine in the tap water Vitamin C antioxidant increases elasticity of skin and reduces aging, blemishes, freckles.

✅ Cactus Oil

👉 Cactus oil is extremely moisturizing and contains antioxidant Vitamin E which is known to protect skin cells from damage over time, as well as soothe eczema, sunburn and psoriasis. It absorbs quickly into skin and helps strengthen skin tissue.

✅ Milk Powder

👉 Milk powder lightly removes dead skin cells without pulling the skin

✅ Snail Slime

👉 Snail slime helps rejuvenate skin damaged by UV, wrinkles, acne spots and stretch marks


 Tea Tree Extract

👉 When used topically, tea tree oil can treat certain skin conditions or improve the overall appearance of your skin.

✅ Sediment Filter

👉 Sediment filter removes suspended particles such as sand, silt, clay and other organic particles that cause the water to become cloudy. It is like a sieving device that separates and retains the particles that are too large to pass through the filter.

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