Dewbell F15 Economy Type Water Filter system for Shower

Dewbell F15 Economy Type Water Filter system for Shower Make sure to check the standard of shower head hose (1/2 in) in your bathroom before buying this product.

  • You should read an installation manual before installation
  • Install this products for only shower line. If you install it in other place or other hose, it may cause water leakage
  • Never forget rubber packings on installation. If there is leak, Please check rubber packings first.



  1. Removes rust, harmful substance concentrations in water. Sand, sediment, and debris can come from the water lines that supply your water from the city. In addition, showering in chlorinated water can produce harmful effects for your skin and hair.
  2. Extremely simple and easy. It’s very simple to install the filter system wherever you want to, with. Changing filters is also very easy. Just screw open the cap and change only the inner filter after 1 to 3 months of usage.
  3. High capacity filter. Standard for family of four, the average replacement of a filter is approx. 1~3 months.
  4. Good for your skin and hair. Removes rust and harmful substances in water for your shower. Also helpful for relieving atopic diseases, as well as preventing dry skin and hair.


Component –

Main case 1EA – Inner filter (Economy type) 1EA –

Connecting Parts for shower line 1EA


  • Disassemble the nuts of shower hose from tap.
  • Connect the connecting parts to nuts of faucet by wrench.
  • Connect the tap of F15 main case to connecting parts.
  • Connect the shower hose to side of F15 main case


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